Escape From Zombies

Escape From Zombies

There are zombies everywhere, you have to fight them and destroy them. In the meantime, you have to fix the broken car in your hand. You have to get out of the building you are stuck in and destroy the zombies. When you destroy 10 zombies, you will become even stronger. Zombies are constantly attacking and trying to pass the barricade. Be careful, good luck.

Have Fun !

Game Controls

In the game, you get 4 Action Dice to spend in 3 sections: LAWN, BARRICADE and CAR. If you place LAWN and get dice values of 3 or more, you will get 1 shot for zombies. If you barricade and get 3 or more values, get 1 hp barricade, get 5 or 6 to fix 10% ca

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