Classic Minecraft

Classic Minecraft

Clone Me is another game added to Minecraft category, which will give you the chance to express yourself freely and give all your best to show that you are able to build and develop a virtual world after a work relatively simple. Clone me is the game that offers the chance to prove that you are a working person who does everything himself and that after work and get results, because in this game, using w, a, s, d, space key and mouse, just that you do. Focus to gather raw materials and what materials to have to build on certain things. Since matter and material you have, the game is simple, where you just have to do a well-defined and organized to develop a virtual world of dreams. Everything is made ​​of cubes of different colors and made ​​from different materials like wood, metal, earth, but each cube, regardless of the material it is made​​, so you can be removed to use it for its own purpose. You have a hammer with which you do all these things, a hammer stronger than you have ever seen.

Have fun!

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