BuildNow GG

BuildNow GG

BuildNow GG is a free online third-person shooter with a variety of game modes, weapons and maps where you have to do your best to survive. Build strongholds, solid walls, massive buildings and protect yourself from enemy fire and attacks as you find the easiest way to trap them in one of your dangerous traps for ultimate victory. Build and battle to top the leaderboards and hone your skills in offline training mode. Enjoy a total of 5 game modes and constant weapon upgrades and ammo! 

Have Fun !

Game Controls


WASD or arrow keys = move/Space = jump/


Q = wall/C = flor/V = ramp/Left shift = roof/F = edit/F = apply edit/Right-click = reset edit/Scroll wheel down = fast edit reset/


Left-click = fire/Right-click = aim/Z = pickax/1 = slot 1/2 = slot 2/3 = slot 3/4 = slot 4/5 = slot 5//Others/B = emotes/P = open chat/M = scoreboard

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